Vsti Automation W/o Using The Automation Area?

im trying to figure out how to use the vsti automation w/o having to use the cumbersome automation area.
any suggestions on how to do this?

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man… do you realize that page says nothing revelant to the topic of this thread?

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you dropped a link to the freakin automation rack!!!

The VSTI automate device broadcasts parameter values to the VST instrument’s selected parameter. You can manually select which parameter you want to send the value to. The automate in the name indicates that these sliders are also automatable through the automation configuration rack. But like mentioned on top, every meta device currently has this option. A VSTI automate device supports up to 14 multiple user-selectable parameters to send to the automation curve.
If you need more than 14 parameters, you can however add another VSTI automation device and link it to the same VST instrument and select another 14 different parameters to add up to 28 (and so on).

says nothing about doing what i asked about

all it does it refer to this:

What Bantai was probably referring you to was this:

XYzz - Send zz (00 - ff) value to parameter Y (0 - e) of vst/dsp effect number X (0 - e) in the effect rack of the Track Dsp’s. To turn on or off an effect, send value F as Y parameter:
xF00 -> Turn effect x off;
xF01 -> Turn effect x on.

as seen on this page.

That is, use the effect column XYzz command to change parameters in the vsti automate device meta device.

He probably assumed you already knew it though. If you didn’t, well now you do.

Cool it, guys. This is not AOL.

Some little evidences of usage of this feature are in the demosong "The Path 2005"b[/b] which comes with ReNoise.

For example, on one of the latest rows, on master track, you see a 1337:
this set the 3rd parameter of 1st track DSP (filter) to 37hex.

b[/b] this song uses a 512 rows pattern :rolleyes:

You can record your automation to pattern effects instead of to the automation envelopes…

But you cannot convert between pattern effects automation and automation envelopes…

thanks guys for your help! sometimes in the tutorial areas, there are areas without any demostration of usage so without it, it looks somewhat like jibberish. no fault of anyones it just needs to be more clear i suppose