VSTi AutoUpdated Names

On some occations, if I rename the VSTi, when copying/pasting that VSTi to a new slot it gets the default name (e.g the preset/patch name).
Sometimes it’s enough to just click the VSTi in the list to reset the name.

It doesn’t happen all the time either, but fairly often.

EDIT: Ok, I think I found the problem. The reset occurs if you change the name inside the parenthesis () but leave the rest unchanged.
For example:
Do this in a fresh Renoise:
Rename “VST: Predator (Poly Sync Pad)” to “VST: Predator (cool sweep)”.
Click another instrument slot and click the renamed VSTi again. The name will be reset to the preset name.

Yes, thats how Renoise decides if it should override/auto-update the name or not.

-> “VST: SOMETHING (SOMETHING)” gets always auto-updated

Is this really a problem?

No, it’s not a problem if you know what to do (or don’t do :)) Now I can rename my VSTis again. And I now understand why it behaves this way.

Any idea how to make this obvious then? This is indeed a bit “magic” if you don’t know how it works, but then we have to document this somehow.

Sorry for the delay, didn’t notice the move to this part of the forum.

Anyway, I’m not sure it is a problem.
I just figured it was a bug with the beta and I didn’t bother to report it earlier.
Most people probably erases the entire name and name it like “super pad” or something instead of keeping the name of the VST etc. I just thought it looked neat the way the dafault was, except for renaming inside parenthesis.

Hopefully people who have problem with this will ask questions in the forums. I have no suggestion on how to solve it at the moment.