Vsti Combining

So, at the moment we can layer up to three kinds of instruments at once. Samples, VSTis, midi patches and play them all at once. Well, but wouldn´t it be cool to layer vst instruments also? Here´s the idea in some raw drafted screenshoots:

1. Adding the layerinstrument to a slot:

At the moment I can only think about to see such a function in the context menue of the instrument window.

2. A new meta-device(?)

Here we could choose which VSTis could be linked to the instrument layer. Well, I don´t know if it would be a good thing to have this device on a audio track but at least you see what I mean.

3. VSTi Picking window

4. VSTi Automating - Perhaps results in another new meta-device?

Since we still want to automate some vsti, there will be an extended vsti-automation device needed I guess.

Well, as said, these are more or less some raw drafts but I think you get what I mean. Although I could also imagine to do all these actions in the “instr. settings” tab.

if I’ve got you, I think that you could find Xlutop Chaineruseful

This sounds like a workaround for implementing a more advanced rni format to me… First thing that strikes me is, why only layer of VSTi’s when you might want to layer two samples or two MIDI instruments?

Btw, nice logo in the bottom corner… Looks familiar somehow :)

The idea is actually a little inspired by this one and the concept is awesome, that´s why I want to see something like that Renoise (which surely won´t eat much additional cpu power)

Point taken, would be useful aswell. Maybe we could have it like some multiinstrument rack in the future :rolleyes:

It would be pointless to do half the work now and after the implementation loads of users requesting the extensions.
Lots of ppl want to have a multilayered RNI structure and more than only 16 samples per instrument.

That makes also sense on the other hand.
mhzz… I should have better searched the forum. As in this thread I like pysj´s illustrations. This would be ofcourse an all in one solution.