Vsti Controls Via Track Automation

Hi ,im totaly new on this board and i would like to say HI to everybody!

There is something i realy miss in Renoise 1.28.
Track automation for VSTi instruments ,i want to use the filters and other thingy’s on those wicked synths themselves

It may be that there is way ,or maybe there is already something like this but i searched and found nothing.

Just my 2 cents!

PS 1.5 is what i am going to buy , i use Renoise for a year now and it,s time to pay pay for the hard work the devs do.

for VSTi automation you must add a meta-device named “VSTautomationdevice” in your trackDSP’s … that’s all … in the meta-device you can select VST AND VSTi’s … after this you can control the meta-device via the automation > and the meta-device controls your VSTi …

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I have tried that and ik works like a charm!