Vsti Management Improvement ?

One thing makes me anxious for a last time:

When i comparing my old tracks (ProTracker, FT2 times i.e. samples based) and new (where i use VSTi’s mostly)
…I hear, that in earlier tracks i experimented with sounds much-much more using vibrato, tremolo, pitch slides e.t.c… And new tracks is more dull and artless…

Is it happens cause of imperfect and not very convenient VSTi managment or maybe i getting old…

for me its contrary. I am happy that I am not limited to a few effects like vibrato, panning and such … Now I can experiment with all those vst-effects.
however, this is basically not a composing-thing but much more in sound-science, its like making a “normal” composition and then trying to get effects on the sound itself.

ceejay, I was experiencing your same problem, and now I have to say it was my fault, not because I was getting old, but on the contrary because I was young as a VSTi user.

With time you will learn a lot of tricks, features and new ideas will come.

I’m still heavily improving my VSTi skills, I’ve talked about this feeling some times in offtopic discussions: it’s like start learning from scratch again, which can be frustrating or fascinating.

Don’t give up, keep up with experimenting, learning and making music, and above all, don’t forget oldschool techniques: some of them, like sample offset, envelope offset and that stuff you will never see in a VSTi, which are exclusive property of tracking knowledge and must not disappear :yeah:

Thanx 4 ur comments guys :)

But suddenly i really understand why it happens to me…
I was just too falled into VSTi’s, and forget about [samples] existence at all !

I can use 'em anytime and there are heap of great samples i was completly overlooked about : :D

well samples are the most convenient form of ‘fundamental objects’ in any module. that was the thing that drew me to module and the tracking scene. (and it sounded a whole lot better than midi on a crappy wavetable board)

but i guess times change and music has never sounded better. look at it, we were satisfied with ST sample packs back then as well… then came the modern trackers like noise/scream/fast with more advanced sample handling capability.

i suppose vsti was the next big thing :) at first, instruments didn’t sound that good… but i suppose it can only get better… and more expensive. i still mostly use samples at the moment. my computing platform isn’t strong enough for too many vsti.