VSTi note-duration

is it possible to add a VSTi-property in the instrument-settings to setup the duration of a played note like in the midi-instrument properties?

i know it’s possible to use the vstautomatedevice (setting up the envelope-properties of a VSTi sound) … but i think duration should be a standart for VSTi’s in the instrument-settings! … maybe this property could replaced with the fine-tuning-setting … who needs to finetune an VSTi instrument??? (maybe finetuning could be a cool feature for the vstautomatedevice)

cheers, Alex

I like the idea as finetune isnt supported by most vstplugs.

yeah, sadly enough it isnt. which sucks very very much. I really dont care about exact notes when using samples and I am very often surprised when I cant use any VSTi, because the sample I using is totally off-key.