Vsti On Mac

OK, So i’ve been using renoise for a long time now… I have no problems with VSTi in Windows, but i can safely say that I have never got a VSTi to work/run on my mac. It drives me insane. I’ve thought that maybe i didnt have the right type of file, or that I’m not putting it in the right folder, or whatever. But I’m downloading OS X Vsti’s and putting them in my vst folder that Renoise searches upon loading.

Has anybody got a VSTi (preferably free) that runs in renoise on a mac… if so, could you share it with me so I can narrow down what i’m doing wrong… I just cant seem to get this stuff working.

By the way, I have a couple VST effects, and they DO work… so it’s only a problem with the VSTi’s… ?!?

Please oh please help me. ;)


I have several, they all work fine.

  • VSTi are located in Instrument Settings -> VST Instrument Properties. Are you looking there?
  • If you have an Intel Mac (the new ones) old Power PC compiled VSTi probably won’t work.

Here’s a few free ones:

http://www.niallmoody.com/ndcplugs/sinesynth.htm (PPC Only, i.e. Intel mac? It won’t work)
Da Hornet: http://nusofting.liqihsynth.com/freeplugins.html (PPC Only?)


Thanks for the explanation - you’ve probably nailed it on the head with the PPC/Intel point… It’s an Intel iMac… so i assume that’s why i’m having issues. Now… where to find mac VSTi’s that support an intel processor… :P