Vsti Programing Problem

i hope some one can help my

i programmed one plugin instrument in renoise works perfect, i made it from vst effect to synth with gui
but problem is no other host can open it, it creshes on opening, Im tired to find code bug
maybe someone could chek for problem to source code, or could send me fully working very very simple
vst instrument with gui, I will find bug my self then

visual c++ ver 6

you could share your plug-in,so other could try and see if they got the same error??

Debugging your plugin in Visual Studio:

In Visual Studio right click the VST project (The one which produces the DLL) and choose Properties:
In the “Debugging” category, “Command” enter the full path and name of the Host which crashes with your plug.

In the “Linker” category specify and Output File path and name which your host uses for plugins.

Then simply start debugging (hit F5). As soon as you load your plug in the host the debugger will automatically attach and you should see what the problem is. Also make sure you build/do this with a debug version of your plug.

found a bug
now works perfect
there was additional memset

maybe someone have ideas how to make plugin with midi out
i cant find solution in sdk documentary