VSTi TuneFish Synthesizer 4.0.1 x64 with others VSTis

R3.1 x64 Win10 x64

I have experienced a fatal error with TuneFish Synthesizer 4.0.1 x64.Renoise 3.1 crashes when others VSTi are used and when running the VSTi TuneFish after.

Link from the VSTi:https://www.tunefish-synth.com/?action=download

I think it is reasonable to report, in case something goes wrong in Renoise when switching between different VSTi.Only fails if others VSTi have been loaded before(with all the tools disabled).


Maybe it would be nice to have a fixed history in the forum that lists all VSTi that give errors, so that users can consult (incompatible versions and all that)…