Vsti Vibrato And Pitch Up/down

Hi! :D
I’m currently using SampleTank 2 XL and AbSynth 3 as VSTi and sometimes I need to obtain vibrato or pitch slide effetcs; with samples it was ok because I used 3xx and 5xx effects, but with VSTi is not possible.
I noticed that the VSTi have the two mod wheels (pitch and slide), I can manually move them with mouse, but I’d like to automate it; is it done via midi cc? what are the parameters? I also tried with 9xx in the pan column but sometimes it goes sometimes not, maybe I’m doing wrong… :blink:
Does someone has the same need?

thanks for help!


try to add “*vstAutomateDevice” to the track… (under “MetaDevices” in track DSP column. Then search the parameter you want to automte… and do it! :)

I’m not sure whether I’m missing the point here but to my knowledge every parameter that can be automated, can also be tracked. Throw in the VstiAutomateDevice and assign the desired parameters to the sliders and when you move a slider, you should see the corresponding PatternEffect and value at the bottom of the screen in the statusbar. For example if you have the VstiAutomateDevice first in the effects chain, the first slider/parameter can be controlled with PatternEffect 10 with values from 00 to FF.

Yup, and you can also right-drag sliders when in edit mode and the value will be automatically recorded