Vsti Video Player

Hi all,

about a year ago, I had posted a query for a video vsti because i had to make a sound track for a film with sync between the image and the sound, and of course I wanted to do this in Renoise :)

However back then no one could find a vsti that could do video play.

Just wondering if anyone know if one exists now? I know most bar sequences support video and Renoise dev has more important things to implement so I’m not sure if anyone has made such a plugin …

any ideas?

Have you tried the VST WinAmp Bridge?


There’s also this other one:

You’ll need the Pluggo runtime to use it.

that movie player vst is terrible… out of sync everytime…
winamp bridge is not a solution …
One Good VST Video Player is need it for renoise or maybe a luatool for 2.6ver.

Hooking up Renoise to a DAW that supports video using Rewire should work.