i wonder what is ( if any ) the best way to morph a sound created with a vsti into an other one created with the same one.
as usual i explained like an animal.
lets make an example: i ve this cool synth made with Synth1 during the breakdown. i want this sound to morph in a two pattern space into a simil acid sound using same vsti.
as far as i know the only way is to automate ALL values… that is sooo boring and unprecise.
is there a command that make you do this?


ps dunno if it the same thing they are spaeking here:

you could try Clone Boy. It basically acts as a “Vocoder”: it uses the signal of a source track as the modulator of a destination track.

Just put an instance on the destination and another on the source and try using the dry/wet slider to “morph” the signal gradually.

It’s just an idea, I don’t know if this is exactly what you are asking for.

for what i ve read it seems similiar to what i intended to do…

but it s working on audio instead of “simply” turning 50 knobs automatically. i dont think it s so difficult to make this kinda script.

thanx it-alien !