VSTis and software to generate samples?

I hope this is the right place to post something like this (shouldn’t we have a music production category?) :unsure: :P

Anyway, I realise a lot of people are using VSTis and software to create their own samples. It would be cool to get a list of what people use as I’m now trying to do the same. Basically I’m after anything that can generate good electronic sounds (melodic though, like pads, leads, basses etc.), and of course drums too. Any recommendations are much appreciated!

Check Absynth out, it’s really great, and a version 2.0 is just around the corner. Definately one of the best and most versatile VSTi i have tried.

i think Native Instruments build the best softsynths ever … Pro53, Reaktor, Absynth, FM7 … great synths with unlimited possibilities in sound creation.