Vsts In Ubuntu

I read through the Linux FAQ and placed my VSTs in a default folder (usr/lib/vst). However, neither Renoise 2.6 beta nor 2.51 can find them. I am quite new to Linux so maybe i’m missing something but I was under the impression that if VSTs were in one of the default folders, they would be found. Help is very appreciated, this has been a headache for me lately.

https://forum.renoise.com/t/linux-how-to-use-native-windows-vsts/21240 <— maybe that link helps. vsts won’t run natively on linux afaik.

Windows VSTs not.
Linux VSTs do, but there aren’t many. There are a few ports from Windows versions to Linux native versions.

Well, I got a Linux VST to work, which is at least leaves me better off than I was before. Thanks for the info. Any way to get Windows VSTs to run?