Vsts Instruments On Mac Don't Show Up

Vst instruments are not showing up but vst effects are.
Same problem on both PPC and Intel platforms.

Heres some examples of ones that do not work (instruments):


this works (effect):


Have you already tried hitting the rescan button in the Renoise VST preferences?

If that doesnt help, does trashing the CachedVSTs.xml file in Renoises preferences folder the trick?

hitting rescan did not help.
When I trashed the CachedVSTs and then relaunched. I did see it displaying all of the vst’s names in the startup splash dialog but they still do not appear once the app finishes launching.

Could you then please send me (taktik@renoise…) the “Renoise.log” file. There should be some info why loading the VSTs failed…

The Renoise.log is at /Users/YOURLOGIN/Library/Logs/Renoise.log

This solved itself: sideburn looked for the VST instruments in the Track DSP section, not in the Instrument tab…