Vsts Not Showing In Instrument List

Hi all,
I just bought Renoise after spending yesterday glued to the demo…

I’m having lots of fun playing with samples but a bit bummed that my favourite VSTs (primarily Reaktor 5) are not showing up in the VST Instrument Properties Instrument dropdown.
I’ve set up the paths in the preferences window correctly.
Any ideas?

Trying this may help you.



does clicking on the “rescan” button in the preferences help?

also, make sure that the “rescan previously failed plugs” is checked

Translation, please? :D

Haha, simply he said “Thank you”. ^_^
(Maybe Japanese fonts are required for the right display)

I see Japanese characters, it just happens that I can’t read Japanese :P

(although I learnt Mazinger Z opening theme lyrics phonetically when I was young :D )

huh, I only see a serie of question marks, so I thought he did not understand you :D

The castle of the iron which reach up to the sky
スーパーロボット マジンガーZ
Super robot Mazinger Z…(rough English translation though :badteeth: )