Vsts On Linux?

This is probably a very silly question.

I’m planning on installing Ubuntu (and moving to free software in general), and was wondering if VSTs will work under Linux. My guess is they won’t, since they are .dll files, but then what are the alternatives?

There are a few native VST’s for Linux, but currently not much…

This topic describes how to use native Windows plugins in Linux:

On kvraudio.com you can also find some native vst plugins for Linux if you search specifically for Linux.

Frankly, seems more trouble than it’s worth, esp cause I have no experience with Linux :(
Perhaps I should better look up those Linux native plugins then, or just stick to samples.

I’ve had good luck with the mda-vst plugin set:

They worked right out of the box (or tar.gz) for me. They’re basic but you can do a lot with them.

You can as well try JucetIce plugins which are native and has some Windows ports on Linux without requiring the fuzz of using Wine and FST:


Here some native written plugins:

also check out Discovery synth by DiscoDSP (payware)

Hi …

check this

Loomer - Plugs

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