VSTs with modular routing

Posted this on kvr, but I thought I’d x-post here for a few more opinions. I’ve got a hankerin for doing some modular routing within renoise (something that can route between instruments and effects, not just within a synth like aalto or ACE). What do people like here (OSX)?

There’s plogue bidule is very mature but development seems like it’s slowed to a crawl. Also the UI looks very 1995 last I checked. On the other hand, it can host VSTs, which is huge.

Mux looks cool but it’s new, any first-hand experiences? How does it hold up against reaktor? Reaktor might be a little too low level, I 'd like to get some music-writing done at some point. Audulus looks a little comparable to mux, but I’m guessing it’s still new and immature at this point.

Is there anything like plogue, but that’s more up to date and has a more elegant UI? Something like the sunvox machine view in VST form would be cool too.


VSTboard, doesn’t seem to have an OSX binary ready, but they share their sources on various source project sites, or someone enthusiastic wants to try and compile the source on OSX.

I’ve been playing around with Audulus quite a bit, it’s lots of fun.