Vulcanella Self Destruct

I’m really happy with this one… getting close to pro eq-ing on this one. Let us know what you think:[tqr] mr_mark_dollin - vulcanella self destruct.mp3

Let me know if I screwed that link up ;)

where did you get that voice sample from? kewl lyrics aswell. i was about to write; “with a real drum-kit this song would be awesome”. then i heard the finnish, hehe:) nice work! deepech mode feat. theater of tragedy?

great job! keep up the good work

sexy vocals :P
and besides that nice atmosphere the song creates, pretty monotone but that’s just an element of the actual style i guess so it does quite well.
maybe, but that’s just a matter of personal preference, there could be some more variation on the drums / percussions and maybe even an entirely different drumset with more expression and fx.
good effort.

that link could have been better.

hey thanks guys.

It’s a remix, well a whole new song with some ‘free’ vocals in it. Made for an Australian remix compo. The vox is from a young lady who calls herself Adalita, from a rock band called Magic Dirt. Enjoy! :drummer: :guitar: