W0000000000t W0000000t!

the most dangerous weapon of all…

is a good thing.
bush dont have one of THESE!

Omega Molecule^

Citizens of Earth hand over da universal binary and 1 hundred billion gajillion and No-One (not everyone) will be harmed!!!

and i follow up my attack (if theres anything left)

with Marduk and his dragon!!!

i forgot my speech

actually, i belive in marduk and the anunaki.
2012… im waiting for 2008 for the states.

Zecharia Sitchin B)

hey, so since we dont have a universe anymore… (i appologize)

does this universal binary mean that i should be running it on my g4 ibook?

or should i just wait until theres a .0.0.1 update?

Yank wins.


I was searching the holy handgranade…

actually, there might be a ibook running this program allready…

Well I think the universal version contains both binaries for ppc and intel based macs, but it’s still 1.5.2, so there isn’t going to be any difference if you install it…

I can confirm this… For the ease of read I put a short snippet from the Wiki page rrrright here: “Universal binaries are usually substantially larger than single-platform binaries, because two copies of the compiled code must be stored. The size of the resulting Universal binary is usually not double as a significant portion will be resources which are shared between the two architectures. They do not require extra RAM, however, because only one of those two copies is loaded for execution.”

source here