Waiting for sun (in production, asking for feedback)

Hey guys, I am during relaxed process of producing this tune, but because don’t have too much experience with vocals - I would be curious your comments how it does look like on this stage…

If someone - link is hidden and probably can’t be embedded here.


Thanks in advance, cheers.

Vocals need some serious improvements I think.
First, they are not clear and bright enough. Try to add exciter device and / or eq them.
Second, there is too much reverb for my taste. Maybe decrease wet mix?
May be a good idea to compress them a little.

I’m not into 80s disco at all (as well as any other genre with straight beat except for dub / intelligent minimal techno maybe), so I’ll refrain from any advices about musical part. I believe though that those who are into this genre will enjoy this.

Hey, thanks for reply and comments!

Vocals need re record, for sure - we made them completely drunk and wasted. Track have been not mixed down yet so your comments are definitely in place.

Cheers :)