This track is produced for a short film with the same name as an entry for ‘Iranian 100 Second Films Festival’. In this festival all the films are about 60 to 200 seconds long.

The track is piano concerto like (due to the will of the filmmaker), and is intended to express three different feelings in about 120 seconds: “farewell”, “false news of death” and “return”. The track is totally made in Renoise.

song page

Comments are appreciated.

Well done, Ashkan.

Just an issue about the piano’s pitch. I think it should be finetuned down.
If you’d like the flute to sound more authentic, you could try to add some noise to it.

Beside that I think the feelings are expressed very well and the transformation between the moods was a good job.

Is this work handed in already?

It’s good, I like the intro!

You should post the movie

Thanks Gilli, I replied your mail and described. :)

Yes you’re absolutly right, even the piano sounds crispy, but that’s how the fimmaker likes them to sound.

Sorrily I think it is. But I’ll contact her and if she hasn’t finished the editing yet I’ll recommend your kind and useful suggestions. Thanks for your great support Gilli :)

I was really willing to but I can’t do it without the permission of the filmmaker, and she is a stubborn one!