Waldorf Blofeld (Desktop)

Hi all,

I am create some Midi Control presets to the Waldorf Blofeld Desktop version.
If i have more time and somebody need, i can create a full control over the Blofeld.
all presets are 2.1 version compatible.

5 type:

DualFilter: contains typical parameters to control the filter section of the Blofeld easy.

Filter 1: Full parameters of the Filter 1 section

Filter 2: Full parameters of the Filter 2 section

Filter’s Base: Types, Multi part Volume, Cutoff Resonance / Filter

Filter Parameters: This version you can’t change the Filter Type!!! (protect the original setting)

If you load a new instrument into blofed, and then init the Midi Device, the filters are reset to defaults!!!
there’s no way to protect this!!! But you preset didn’t overvrite of coz.
These Device parameters only for control your sound Filter Section.

coming soon, OSC1 - OSC2 - OSC 3 )per preset( and all other section.

[DOWNLOAD](http://www.hotelsinus.com/HSSD_WaldorfBlofeld_MIDI-Control Device.zip)