Waldorf Lector Lector Vst problems

Today i got a 100-day demo of Largo Lector vocoder vst. You can get it too without any problem. =)
It works perfect in single-module mode (vst works as wokoder). But if i would use second vst module which named lector-carrier (this mini-vst sends carrier signal from another channel into main vocoder module like in side-chain link vsts) than i can`t get it properly working - no carrier sends at all.
Is there any solutions? thx

When using VSTs that feature the ability to communicate with other instances of themselves, or in this case to have the carrier VST communicate with the vocoder VST, please ensure that you use the same bit architecture everywhere. In other words, if you use Renoise 32-bit, then you must also use VST 32-bit. You must also ensure that plugin bridging/sandboxing is disabled in Renoise’s Preferences in the Plug/Misc section.

If there is a mis-match somewhere with 32-bit and 64-bit, or the plugin is bridged/sandboxed in any way, then the plugin instances will not be able to communicate with each other.

I have got to install x32 version of Renoise and yes - it start to work properly with x32 Waldorf Lector.

Very thanks to you!