Walking On Supernova

Oh happy day, fourth Renoise track…



Large DL, 9 mb.

I’ve still got Renoise, “growing pains, as this is only track 4, but I’m digging the tracker vibe. Love it.”

However, I am having a lot of difficulty picturing 100% of my arrangement in my head, and dressing up my tracks with extra sounds, change ups, breakdowns, and well… The whole, “tension and release that music is.”

Anyways, I made all those sound!..

Enjoy, if you have a minute, lemme know what you think


:yeah: :walkman: :walkman:

Nice track… the sounds are fat, what did you used to make them?
Like the polyrythm arpeggiation in the middle…

Hi vV, thank you for the kind words…

I’m only working with a few plug ins. I’m pretty simple in my setup. My two synths are Rapture and Unique. My complex sounds and drums I synthesize on Cakewalk’s Rapture. Drums I often throw into a sampler after I make them. For sounds like pads, or arps, I use Sugar-Bytes’ Unique. Unique is a very cool synth, I really love how fat it sounds.

For mixing, I’m really basic. I’m a huge fan of PSPAudioware.com, and I also like DDMF.eu, after that, I have a tendency to use a lot of built in tools that the hosts provide.

The arp is saws on Unique, with hi resonance and heavy drive through a LP 24. 4 combs, modulated by triangles and sines on Nitro. Phase, Delay, Reverb…

Also, on this track, 112db Morgana makes a small appearance. Currently I am doing the demo. Maybe this will be my xmas software. Usually I buy some software around this time of year. Last year was Sugar-Bytes, year before was PSP, and year before was Cakewalk. This year, I think we pick up a little stuff from 112db.