Wallpaper In Renoise

How about an option to set a wallpaper in renoise of your choice? I mostly only use 4 or 5 tracks in a song which gives me a lot of empty space on my screen :D

You know that you can design your own skin for Renoise don’t you?
Try browsing the skin folder inside the renoise program folder for viewing the structure.

yes i know i can change the colours/themes/skins but why not an actual wallpaper of your choice?good idea or what? :P

maybe the ability to make it pseudo transparent? (meaning it would show your desktop wallpaper)
would use an unnecessary amount of valuable resources. but would look nioce.

a few terminals in linux, and the main terminal in osx has this ability. wish i knew of one that did in windows. but all that is offered to windows users is normal transparency which is totally useless to use.