Wanda & Nova deViator: Pacification - an album made with renoise o


We’ve been working on these tracks for about 3 years really, as they started their lives as part of a new media performance. Apart from final mixing and mastering, they were composed and recorded with Renoise & Ardour on linux. I’m happy to share original renoise files if somebody is interested.

The album is released as a free download (or name your price), simple
CDr, and special boxed editions of USB and CDr with handmade booklet.

Please visit bandcamp page for streaming and downloads:

Pacification @soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/wndv/sets/pacification

Since the album is released under a creative commons licence, you are
free to (and we are happy if you do) put any full track on your
blog or website.


In early 2009 Maja Delak and Luka Prinčič created a performance called
“Une façon d’aimer”, a duet that explored violence, love, sexual
identities, and power relations through a fragmented mixture of various
media - among them, also, a lot of music. That is where a punk
rendition of proto-feminist You Don’t Own Me and sexually/bdsm-charged
Domina’s Doll songs emerged. The former got quickly picked up by a
local initiative K4format and published it on their compilation. The
duo reinvented themselves as Wanda & Nova deViator to extend their
reach on concert stages and dancefloors and continued to work on new
tracks. They premièred a new performance “Frozen Images”, which delved
even deeper into a “new media concert” form, utilizing real-time
manipulation of video, songs with heavy breakbeat and
electro-influenced beats, and lyrics exploring the contemporary life of
consumerism, pornification, over-sexualisation, digital piracy, and the
condition of contemporary subject. The performance lingered on an
uneasy margin between theatre and dancefloor, between contemplation of
the spectacle and body movement induced by loudness and beats. Since
then the duo continued experimenting with forms and created two
derivatives: a drone&noise audio-visual ambient-electronics show
“Sublimation Revision” for ‘listening and watching’ occasions and a
full-on dancefloor assault “Resistance”, which strived for the
simplicity of a concert-like or even electronic live-act situation.
This album is a transformation of the latter, a result of a long
process of finalizing the tracks, rerecording the vocals, and
collaboration with mixing engineer Igor “Plankton” Vuk. This is
outspoken electronic braindance music with a punk attitude and
occasional excursions into triphop.


  1. Oral Pacification 05:15
  2. Slave Drive 05:15
  3. Love Song 06:28
  4. Pirates 04:40
  5. Emotionally Unemployed 04:47
  6. One Click Away 05:27
  7. Princess 05:44
  8. Because (skit) 00:58
  9. Procedure 03:18
  10. Domina’s Doll 06:10
  11. Histrionics of Love 05:51
  12. You Don’t Own Me 03:18

written, produced and recorded by Maja Delak and Luka Prinčič
mixed and mastered by Igor Vuk

published under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike (BY-SA) licence
created mostly with Free/Libre Open Source Software

This KAMIZDAT release KAM003 is available as a high quality digital
download, cd-r, usb and booklet in limited and numbered editions. More
info at http://www.kamizdat.si. Wanda & Nova deViator’s live shows and
other projects: http://www.wndv.si

studio and media support: Radio Študent Ljubljana
Financially supported by: City Municipality of Ljubljana
2013 EMANAT production - www.emanat.si