Wanna Buy A Notebook!

Hi guys,

I know a lot of people ask about this kinda stuff but I really want 2 know
if people use the same setup and experience any problems?

I want 2 buy a notebook that I’m gonna use for Renoise only.
I don’t use VST-plug ins, samples only.

Can I use this system?
Acer Travelmate 244LCE
2.6ghz Celeron
256MB Ram (64mb shared video)
it’s only 899 euro’s that’s why I want 2 buy it for tha music.

I hope you can help me out here before I buy anything not worth having.

Greetz DeepX

If you’d prefer an Athlon processor and more RAM (512 MB) the price (899) would be okay. I Bought an Athlon 2400+ with 512 MB RAM for a friend for the same price.
But maybe notebooks are more expensive where you come from. I’m in Germany.

However, it’d still be worth it to have a little bit more RAM. To be honest: I compared many systems running with WinXP with either 256 or 512 MB of RAM. And I didn’t notice any difference between the two systems. But you mentioned that you don’t use VST’s (me neither). So maybe you’ll load greater samples then. That’s why you should have more RAM.
And about the processor: You know that Celerons have less Cache (256KB) than other processors which have usually 512 K ?
Intel CPU’s are good in their quality and run impressingly fast during installation routines. But I’m afraid you’ll miss the power when it comes to serious work. Also consider that you should prefer a mobile CPU for a longer work with batteries.

I myself have an Acer Aspire with an Athlon mobile XP 2500+ and 512 MB of RAM. Also with shared video memory. But when it comes to Renoise I can load the CPU with whatever I won’t. Yet it won’t begin to lack.
Maybe you also might want to know if there is anything special you should do for using Renoise on a notebook. The answer is no. It will just run fine.
And take a minute to check this little discussion:
Intel vs. AMD

However, if you can efford the money, I’d even suggest you to get a P4 CPU. Just if you have doubt in the compatibility of AMD and Windows…and maybe if you want to encode videos…But for me Athlon was the right solution till now.

thanks for all the info man :)
In Germany it’s cheaper.
The other Acer they sell over here is a AMD2800 with 512MB. But it’s 1099 euro’s. Normally I would run 2 the shop and get one but for a secondary machine (own a 2.66ghz p4 desktop allready) I have my doubts about the price.

Greetz DeepX

Get rid of the desktop and go for a serious desktop-replacement notebook like Acer Aspire 1502 LMi or Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo A 1630. You’ll get much more power (=fun). That’s what I intend to do soon (but mainly due to portability needs ;) )

Still, generally, for audio, choose a book with a fast processor - preferably Athlon or P4, not a Celeron (you’ll start using VSTs some day), 512 MB RAM at minimum and a fast hard drive (if you intend to work with big samples in direct-from-disk mode). I might be better to buy a more powerful used notebook than a brand new one with lower specs.

I’m intending to sell my desktop pc and go with iBook or Powerbook myself, when Renoise is good to go there. I only need a portable music creation tool, and have a neato USB soundcard anyway… I’m SO tired of PC these days!

I’m searching for a cheap, cheap, cheap USB soundcard with MIDI in/out.
What’s yours Sagosen?

This one: http://europe.hercules.com/showpage.php?p=87&b=0&f=1

Hercules Dj Console, it has what you need plus exellent DJ-possibilities… :walkman: Comes bundled with some ace software too, AND works like a charm in Renoise. Not overly happy with the ASIO drivers, tho… Don’t feel right…

okay I found a new one, thinking bout buying this,
watcha think?

RADEON 9200 64MB

979 euro’s. :D

Yes, that would be fine I guess - but try to get one with 1 x 512 MB RAM and not 2 x 256 MB if that’s possible. Will make it easier to add RAM when the time comes.

Okay I’m gonna buy it and see what happens.
You’re right about the memory tho.
I hope the sound is pretty good on my amp or with my headphones (technics).
Otherwise I have 2 buy a USB soundcard later…

Ohh and I’m gonna buy the full version of Renoise as soon as I know how this payment-thing works(Netherlands)… The demo-version is driving me nutz! I want the full version!

Greetz. from a soon 2be mobile musicfreak!

I don’t know about Acers, but I wouldn’t expect too high quality from a laptop’s soundcard output. Most probably it will suck at low frequency reproduction so you might end up with bass overloaded tracks that would sound good only when played from your laptop (that happened to me a while ago). An additional audio interface is highly recomended.

deepX, good choice, good notebook.

Paulie, agree. Exact that is the problem with my Acer. The soundcard has a low bass reproduction. And deeper frequencies are seemingly cut off very soon. So I turn them up in my songs and the result is too much bass which needs to be remastered again. And plus: You hear interferences from other devices on the sound (hdd, cpu). But well. Actually you always have to buy an additional soundcard if you get yourself a notebook, so that will the next thing for you to do, deepX. Anyways, for the beginning the internal soundcard is enough for playing around.

Sagosen, 200,- € ???
Okay, call me stingy but an audiophile wouldn’t cost more than the DJ Console. And the audiophile is really for musicians and none was unhappy with its ASIO drivers. Anyways, one thing I was happy about was the 5.1 output. I would like to have such an output and a soundcard which can decode [db] by hardware. Not only for watching dvd. Sometimes its nice to compose at least in ProLogic/Halfer Surround.
Anyways, thank you Sagosen for the suggestion. Maybe I’ll get myself that one if I can find it cheaper anywhere…

Thanks for your help,

I try 2 do everything in steps from now on.


1> ACER Notebook (allready ordered, so in 2 days I’m jammin’) :D
2> USB Soundcard (do they really have 2 be 200 euro’s!) :blink:
3> Don’t know yet… but I’ll find something 2 buy… don’t worry

Ooh… With a USB soundcard the notebook wouldn’t be very mobile anymore or is it?

Nah, USB soundcards are pretty small. Okay, not as small as USB sticks.
As big as a real soundcard for example. But in a nice package. :)
And usually they don’t even need external power, so you’re rather mobile :)
And I saw an Edirol for 180 €…but it’s still too much for a soundchip+MIDI interface… I’ll just wait.

There’s this thing called Echo Indigo which you could also consider if you seek for extreme mobility. Does not suit for anyone but might suit for you (or then might not). Don’t know.

Paypal works very nice. You can banktransfer the required amount to their Dutch bank account just like a regular bank transfer and then it’ll appear on your paypal account. No fuss with creditcards and such.

Oh and for a USB soundcard you might be interested in a Tascam US-122. It’s very reasonably priced and got a good review in Computer Music magazine.

Thanks, but no… I’m not gonna pay 230 euro’s for a small box so I’ll have more bass in my music… just not worth it… <_<

I found a Creative Mp3+ USB for 45 euro’s.
and a M-Audio Transit for 100 euro’s.

Don’t know the quality tho, gonna look on da net for reviews…

My vote for M-Audio - their stuff is more expensive, but definitely has higher sound quality than Creative (Audiophile vs Audigy for example). In my opinion, the difference in quality is worth the difference in price.

Yep, I did read a review about that Creative and they could still measure some noise from the output, so that one is off my list.

The M-Audio is still an option. But 1st I want my laptop…