Want To Do A Soundtrack For A Student Film?

My girlfriend, who is in film school, needs someone to do the soundtrack for her film. The film will be about 3 minutes long. Anyone interested? There will be no payment involved, sorry she is just a student :D but of course you will be in the credits. Let me know at my email:

vanukoff at yahoo dot com


what kind of soundtrack would she need?

A lot of people say my songs would be good as horro movies soundtracks :o :)

And… is there any preview of the movie available?

There is some truth in it. Your avantgarde harmonies are often very horrific :P And really some of your songs would fit great to a horror. I forgot the title… (I lost most of my mp3 files recently, because… I formatted the worng partition…) it was a progressive rock song, in the middle there was a fragment with increased reverb level and long delays, it would be great in some thriller :lol: Anyway, I like your jazz more than rock.

the song you refer to is “thinking of nothing” and yes: reverb and delay has been added to the master track :D :blink:

Just to let you partially reconstruct your music archive :)

this mistake was a real horror to me, just look on this summary, I lost:

  • collection of about 700 SID files
  • collection of 200 oldschool mods
  • collection of rare Necros (hail to master Andrew!) tracks, about 100 mods (I menaged to find them all again luckily)
  • 600 scene graphics
  • lots of rpms for RedHat and Mandrake (although today I have them all again and even more :D)
  • and many mp3 files, downloaded during 2 months before the formatting. It was about 150 mp3s

and it all only because both my Lunix partitions were the same size… And I just forgot which one was hda7 and which was hda5… :ph34r:

Bad luck :(

but don’t mind about the sid tunes, you can download a 42 MB file here, this collection contains much more than 700 sid files!

heh… I once had more of them, but then I deleted my old, much more rich collection and downloaded this 700 set. I don’t see the point in having 42 megs of SIDS, that has to be at least 6000 of those files. My life will be too short to listen to it all…

amount over kvality :confused: