Wasteland 2 Fund-Raising

A little offtopic, but i post in case you don`t know about it already.

Dude, effing sweet!

I will wait for payday and take the one with autographs

It does charge you until the fund date (April 17th in this case).

Don`t worry - btw. if this kind of “pre-order” of indie games will become standard, then we have interesting times ahead.

This is one of the better internet-alt-business ideas I’ve seen. This way, the people who will actually buy and play the game are the ones who finance it, and hence can add their input.

However, the success of this is highly dependent on the users/funders trust in the developers. The reason this is going to work is because the developers are veterans, so there is little risk.

I’m not sure this would work as well for newer development teams.

$10.000 or more investment pledge, there are actually 11 folks that did that…
We live in an interesting world indeed…