Yesterday I read the bassdrum topic in tips & tricks and it inspired me to make some gabbakicks & lot’s of snares ‘breakcore’. I’m trying alot of different styles atm just to see what is fitting me the best (from breakcore to most kinds of dnb).

It’s the first time I made a song in a 24-hours period and it is the fastest I made ever. I usually don’t make a track like this, but apparently I was in the mood for making such bad-ass music. With this song I wanted to explore and break my boundaries to go harder harder harder.

You know, I can enjoy and listen to music in 2 ways: in a way I like music when it’s beautifull with nice flowing melodies and on the otherhand I can enjoy hard music with hard stuff and almost no harmony till I can’t endure it anymore. This song is for listeners that like it the hard way. :walkman:
Btw, watch out for the ‘I love my balls and my balls love me’-sample at 1.30, I love it!

Greetz from Belgium

The broken snares are bit too much for me. If it was bit cleaner on that area and more ambience, harmonic samples, it would be my style. :)