Water Just "broke"


Damn, it’s 4:10 am, and my gf woke me up about an hour ago telling me her water had went/gone/broke… dunno how you say it in english, anyway, it’s obvious that the baby has been swimming around in her tummy long enough and it’s on its way out…

We called the hospital and got told to wait till tomorrow morning to come in for a check, unless her “lightening” starts tonight, then we’ll have to take a taxi…

Eeeeek… this is crazy… gonna get some sleep now so we’re both ready to give it our best… “push! push! push!” and so on…

:yeah: :yeah: :yeah:

Another Renoise-disciple is arriving!

:w00t: muahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa

grats man, be prepared for some ehvil months of holy fire, with baby yells and little sleep. But it’l pass tho and everything will be better just hang in there!

Anyways good luck! And if ur attending the birth, and take my advice; dont stare at anything. :D

i cant belive its already 9 months past… :)

anyway, congrads!!! ;)

EDIT! and i wanted to add that if you want him/her to become renoiser then dont force… add renoising to “forbidden” list and you will see what happens next :rolleyes:

Good on ya both, best of luck in the birth-process!! :D

holy f****!!! :o

congrats! there’s one kid who will be getting an interesting music education.

So long ago since you casted your first epic event about your pregnant gf…


ps:don’t forget to tell us if you became proud father of a daughter or a son…

Congratulation mate :D

if he is male, call him Eduard :D

Congrats Dufey and good luck mate!

best wishes dufey. :)

Good luck to both of you… Erhm… I mean all three of you :D

Congratz man! I guess more songs Rosa sang-style are coming up in the future, huh? :D :D :D This time with your child as the vocalist.

Hiya, people!

Thanks alot for the very kind words!!!

It was a long and hard delivery, but the baby finally arrived, and it’s a BOY!!!

newborn video 0.17mb

proud dad 23 kbit

:) :D :lol:

Born 30th of November, 2005, at 07:00am Norwegian Time!

Now, my gf was SO sure it would be a girl, we’ve only come up with names for our “daughter”, so now’s the time for re-discussing this whole name thing…

Alexander and Jonas are the two names we are most fond about at the moment but we are very flexible yet… like i said, she was SURE it would be a girl!

:rolleyes: ladies…

Again, thanks alot for the nice replies!

Again congrats. Hope there’s not too many arguments over the name ;) Looking a beautiful little boy though :D

Glad all went well Dufey, good luck with the name choosing. :)


Adorable! :wub:

He’s got your eyes, you know… :)

Congrats man! Best of luck to all three of you!!

Congratulations father Dufey to getting a very cool and qute boy! And my best whishes to all three of you!

Big Congrats from here, too. So, I guess it is time to change your signature now :)

:yeah: :guitar: :drummer:

Edit: And today is YOUR birthday? LOL - Congrats to you, mate