Wav Question

Is there a time limit on WAVs?
Because mine seem to stop after 30 seconds.

I’ve been trying to load a 4 minute WAV so I can put it through some filters but it always seems to stop after 30 seconds.

using 1.5 or 1.8 demo or full version? maybe there’s a limitation in the demo but the only one should be that rendering of tracks is not possible

1.5 demo I think.

I believe this was a bug in a previous beta but it should be fixed now? Please download the latest, free demo and confirm this is still happening?


But for now, I’m going to go ahead and suspect you are using a warez version… which sucks if I’m right. I hope i’m not.

Uh,no I’ve not Warez’d it.

Why would I need warez of a free demo?

Cool, obviously i’m an asshole.

Can you download the latest version and confirm the problem? If so, it’s a bug.

I don’t think you are an asshole, it’s quite strange someone would still use a 1.5er demo version.

Well I’ve had it since October and I’ve barely got an effing clue how or what to do with it.

I’ve been making crappy Noise with it,mostly. Can’t seem to do anything else with it.

alright, well uninstall 1.5 demo and download the latest 1.8.0 demo.

install it and see if the same thing is happening.

if it is still happening, then please post here and tell us exactly what the symptoms are and we can all try to get to the bottom of it.


WAVs are working now.

Oh wait,no they aren’t.
Crap. Are you sure Renoise doesn’t have a time limit on WAVs? Because it’s cutting off right on 35 seconds.
mp3s cut off at one minute. Damn.

Are you sure you didn’t forgot to set the sustain levels on the samples and instrument envelopes?
What if you play the sample in the sampleeditor using the play button, do they then fully play?

You know what…

I have had the same thing happen a few times

It seems that randomly, the sample will only play for a short time before cutting off. This has only happened a couple of times with me and the problem goes away pretty quick, so I wasnt worried.

I think the guy someone accused of busting warez may actually be onto something here!


king caustic: what are the specs of your computer? Ram / cpu speed etc