Wav Samples?

im just wondering what kind of wav file does renoise save samples as?im asking because im using nitrotracker for nds and this only accepts uncompressed pcm wavs.any samples saved from renoise do not load properly.propellerheads recycle also does not recognise these files??there has been other programs too that have not recognised these files and im just not sure why.

samples from Renoise are saved as 32 bit float WAV files. you should be able to load them into pretty much any standard sample editor software in order to convert them to 16 bit in case your other software can’t load them, but keep in mind that, if you load them back into Renoise, they will be converted to 32 bit on load again

Ahem… forgetting something? :P


If the problem is the 32-bit format, then you should be able to convert them to 16-bit in Renoise no problem. But if not even 16-bit samples will load in other apps… that’s pretty bizarre? I’ve never encountered such a problem myself (never tried nitrotracker though), and as far as I know Renoise doesn’t tag any kind of weird metadata onto the .WAVs… just the standard loop points.

This does not happen for me? Are you sure you’re not thinking of this issue from an earlier version?

thanks a lot,ive never used the sample adjust b4,i couldnt find it in renoise.

sorry, probably this has changed in newer versions and I was not aware of it, I thought 32 bit was still the internal standard when saving, regardless of the sample properties

Just in case…

Up top it displays the current sample properties.

Down below is the [Adjust] button to open the adjustment dialog. (If no sample is currently loaded, there’ll be a [Create] button here instead so that you can create a new sample.)

thanks man i found it,i just needed the samples to be 32000hz 16 bit mono for nitro,i will try recycle later.

does anybody know of a program that allows u to drop multiple samples into it to be exported as 16 bit wav??i would like to edit folders at a time…

If you are using linux, you can try sox, a command line utility useful for batch processing.

On PC Wavosaur has simple batch processing (although it could be improved a lot.)


im on windows,thanx