Wave generator tool help

I downloaded the wave generator tool. Made a few single cycle wave forms at C3-C3.

I dont really understand the “morpher” and “wave” functions, can anyone explain?

Is it possible to do square waves at 12.5%, 25%, 50% and 75% (like LSDJ and various chiptune things use)?

Also, has anyone got some good tips about more advanced ways to use this tool to create nice waveforms?

For example, I dont understand how someone would use a wave that starts at one pitch and ends at a higher or lower pitch as an oscillator, for building up your own synthesizer from scratch in renoise…feels like Im missing something

better ask in the tool thread;


Maybe you’ll have a different experience with it than me, but I found any complex thing I tried to do with wave gen would almost always result in a crash. I never got anything out of morpher because of this. Had no problems with just generating single cycles though.

For different duty cycles, you just have to set it to pulse instead of square, then you have a slider for pulse width.

As for the pitch thing, you can do this in the envelopes section. If you’re using Renoise 2.8 you’re a little bit limited but you still have a drawable pitch envelope and 2 pitch lfo’s. The pitch envelope limits you to an octave up and down max. If you have access to the Renoise 3.0 beta, you’ll probably like your pitching options a lot better.

Another tip, that’s especially true for sine waves: try to generate your single cycle waves at c0 or at least really low. If for example you generate a sine at c4 and play a note and look at the spectrum analyzer, you’ll notice it has harmonics. It shouldn’t have harmonics, because it’s a sine wave. It’s a form of distortion or something from having a low resolution. If you generate the sine at C0, it has more sample space to draw the sine, which translates to higher resolution and thus the sine wave will not have harmonics, which is the way it should be.

edit: Forgot to point this out: wave gen doesn’t work in R3 yet, so if you try R3 you’ll have to go back to R2 to use the wave gen tool.