Waveform overlay in Automation Editor

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I know this idea is old but why not use this smart solution? When it comes to waveform automation, it would be nice to know where you are.


  • Waveform switch
  • Synchronized with Autoseek
  • Display controls for Alpha, Full-/Half-wave, Amplitude (Vertical Zoom)
  • Real-time display adjustment for Amplitude


I would love this! I would also love if we could have this type of view alongside actual tracks to approximate what a render would look like.


Now, what I meant with “Real-time display adjustment for amplitude” was, that you can actually see the changes due to the envelope in the waveform here. I know of another concept of waveforms alongside the tracks vertically, but I think that got a bit confusing as long as you can’t turn it off individually. My idea is basically standard in every linear DAW. :slightly_smiling_face:

It would obviously be pretty cool but technically I think a thing to keep in mind is that if you imagine having a long chain of FX on a track, each FX change the waveform meaning Renoise need to keep (many) waveforms at different stages of the chain!? And a caveat might be you’d only have the waveform displaying after an initial playback so that it has the data to show.

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Yes, I know that this requires a preliminary calculation. Therefore, the preview of the manipulated waveform could be optional, just for that part of the view/track.
You can perform the calculation/drawing simultaneously while moving one or more points to get a waveform preview for a specific range between two or more points with minimum on the calculation effort.
But I understand the point you raised. You would have to try it to assess the performance.
For my personal needs, having the raw waveform underneath would be a good start to have some orientation.

Oh, I wanted to make it clear. This waveform preview was intended for samples only, not virtual instruments. :slightly_smiling_face:

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This would be cool. I wouldn’t get my hopes up with the current rate of things. I wonder if a simple synchronized oscilloscope would be enough.

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By the way: You could also put a piano roll in the background for MIDI tracks, which would guarantee precise automation with visual feedback.

What’s the sense of a piano roll in the automation window?

It’s unnecessary if this only works for samples. And currently it’s also possible to see exactly where you are if you’re at the right position in the pattern editor, therefore it’s already possible to automate exactly, no matter if you’re using samples or VSTs. No restricted additions, please. One of the big advantages that Renoise has got in comparison to other DAWs is its clean GUI. I would like to keep that.

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I do not think that we do need a piano roll in a Tracker.
Btw, there is a piano roll tool for Renoise somewhere in the tools section. You can add it as well))

There are two!
New tool (3.4.2): Piano Roll Studio v5.2 build 503 (May 2023)
Simple Pianoroll: com.duftetools.SimplePianoroll.xrnx


He just want to know when there’s something playing so he can line up the automation

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I know we can align the automation to the pattern view pretty well. It was an additional option, which came to me in mind, although not as important as the sample ad. In terms of programming, all this shouldn’t be a big effort, since these are just background displays with no edit option. :slightly_smiling_face:

Piano Roll Studio looks promising. I’ll grab it.