Waves Complete Issue

so i recently upgraded from Waves mercury to the Waves complete bundle. the directions for a good clean install requires you to delete some basic info from the pre-existing waves mercury bundle info from the registry…all good here…using the plugs w/ no issues with the latest 2.8 beta. as well with older 2.7 renoise. where i have problems is when i load a renoise song that i had done using the Waves mercury bundle. the old file does not recognize any of the waves VST’s from the newly installed Waves complete bundle, even though they are the exact same plugs. am i just missing something basic here? or do i have to save all the old parameter settings from Waves mercury bundle vst’s used in old songs and then re-apply these settings when opening the same old file with waves complete bundle? i hope that all makes some sense. any help much appreciated.

…jumped the gun…the install for waves complete clearly states to backup parameter settings before install.

Hi there i have this problem to Waves Complete 8 unsupported old waves bundle (Renoise 2.8.1) =( But in cubase 5 all ok all old plugins loading with complete 8

pligins from Waves Diamond Bundle loading without GUI (win7 64 renoise 2.8.1 64 bit)

What do the Waves plugin do in the 32-bit version of Renoise?