Waves Of Love

This is work in progress so it will change, but ive got question about tempo i made it fast on purpouse.

Beat is at 140bmp.

My friend tells its way too fast for him.

Is it too fast for you too?


ahh, good one! very deep & chill techno… and very oldschool. love the muffled vocals hidden back there ^_^
i don’t think it’s too fast at all. Underworld used to do this all the time, making chill stuff at fast speeds, and that worked well. only challenge would be if this one was to be used in a typical deep-house dj set, where speeds typically are somewhere between 120-127. But then again, it could work as a nice intro or outtro in a techno-set where 140 is excellent. I wouldn’t worry much about it - if it feels best in this tempo, then don’t change it ;)

I think that if you change the BPM it could harm the potential of this track. There’s a “beach sample” in the background that has it’s own slow rythm/BPM. And in fact there’s a rythm difference, between waves of the beach, and what your bd/drum kit is doing. This difference is interesting because it psychologically creates an open door for the imagination of listeners. If you make the BPM slower, it will certainly reduce the rythm difference between waves and your drumkit, but it will “close the door”.

Thank you guys for your time and opinions You made my mind and i leave it at 140 :)

Definately not too fast. I like the part at ~5.20 the most. Great work :)

Not too fast, but the percussion, specially the kickdrum is too much right in your face, this one really spoils the atmosphere of the song. Perhaps try lowering some of the frequencies and/or applying a gater for the kick.
The rythmical chords later on the in the song could perhaps use some reverb or delay, but perhaps that isn’t necessary as soon as the kick drum is toned down…

@vV thx for pointing that thing. That kickdrum, i was listening it so many times that i used to it, forgeting that for others its just too loud.

I decided to make it 2 part heres beggining of part II when 1st ends


This is beautiful. It’s great with the fast rhythm and I think the overall vibe would be destroyed if you made the beat slower. It adds a forward momentum and energy to the track that accentuates the chilled sounds going on behind it. I love part 2 as well, but perhaps bring in a variation on the theme or a new element like some melodic lead synth coming in every now and then over the top. :walkman:

Actually, to tell the truth, that water splashing sample starts to irritate. I’d prefer it to be only in intro.