Waves Soundshifter is unusable :/

Hi everyone,

I’m on Renoise 3.0 64bit. Whenever I use a single instance of Waves SoundShifter, Renoise pretty much dies. Weirdly, it displays only 37% of CPU usage, however in the task manager you can see that it’s actually very far from whats going on. I have a Motu audioexpress soundcard, I put a pretty huge buffer of 512 on it, and I have automatic plugin delay compensation enabled, but still it is hell to use. If I start a second instance of the plugin, I cannot get smooth playback at all.

Any tips or advice regarding this? Soundshifter seems to be the best one out there, I’ve tested others that are less cpu intensive but they sound pretty awful. :P/>

Renoise : 15.3%
Renoise plugin server : 92.4%

Can anyone make sense of this?

The only tip i have for you is to use Renoise 32-bit for that plugin. If it runs unbridged it will eat a lot less resources than when it has to run in an emulated environment because emulated environments put up more strain onto the CPU because it has to process as double as much than when the plugin runs natively 32-bit.

Waves and Renoise does not seem to be the greatest combo.
The mouse pointer sometimes starts jumping to the top left corner of the screen when using it’s controls, other times the GUI is just blank (MacOS).

I think that really depends on your configuration… For me they work together pretty well. But it’s true they usually require a lot of CPU resources.