Wavpack Support

take a look at


because its a great, opensource lossless audiocompression format.
Since I dont trust ogg completely in terms of “lossless” I would like wavpack-support for renoise too (in terms of sample-loading support). I recently converted some of my samples in that format and the compression-ratios are really good. so please think about it.

we are already considering using wavpack or monkey audio in renoise.

oh, thats great. make it wavpack please. monkey lags behind that one.
looking forward :D

I would love to see support for FLAC as well. It’s my favourite free open-source lossless compressor. http://flac.sourceforge.net

or lpack or foopack or barpack … :)

we’ll see what licence / api fits renoise best. maybe there will be some sort of input plugins like in winamp…

oh, just to make this clear :

I want the lossless compression, I dont care about the mp3 one with the difference file. I know that the second one will be a bit hard, but the first one …