Way to change time signature of metronome?

Is there a way to do this?

Go to Preferences -> Audio and look at Metronome & Precount. You can change the Beats Per Bar and Lines Per Beat to what you like…


hay! mxb made a cool tool for me a while ago. It’s called Time Signature tool. It lets you change the time signature, and it also automatically adjusts the metronome time sig accordingly at the same time, so you don’t have to keep opening preferences.

here’s the link http://ge.tt/679z8Nf/v/0?c

Hi ppl. Paketti also offers keyboard shortcut control over this.

is there anything paketti don’t do? :D

It does not currently allow for rendering a wavefile to a specific folder, and then loading a supercollider script to run this sample through SC-granulator efx, patched into soundflower (2ch) which renoise is listening to and starts sampling.

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That’s fucking awesome!

hey is this still avalable ?
so confused on time sigs in renoise

hi, have you tried mxb’s tool that jenoki mentioned? sure, paketti is still around. i guess i could create a new build of it. which renoise version are you running?

the latest version , thank u