Way to enter Note Off besides caps lock?

I’m having a total brainfart – I swear there was an alternate method of inputting a Note Off into the tracker from the keyboard, besides the Caps Lock key.

Right? What am I forgetting ??

I really hate using capslock since it toggles that on and off every time…



The A key.

Right next to caps lock, so don’t forget again :wink:

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The A key.

Right next to caps lock, so don’t forget again :wink:

D’oh! Of course!

I’d been in Ableton-land for my last project, so some of the basics had slipped my mind. Thanks!

Hmm funny , doesn’t work here
(qwerty keyboard )

The “A” key is simply mapped to the secondary “smart note off” function by default.

Take a look at your keyboard preferences to see if you’ve changed the default mapping at some point.

Is there any functional difference between the two? I couldn’t find any references to “smart note off” in any of the tutorial videos or user manual.

“Smart note off” simply tries to erase any unnecessary duplicate note off commands that came before it in the pattern, searching upwards to find the previous note that was triggered.

It’s the default behaviour in Renoise and is mapped to both the CapsLock and A keys.

For comparison, you can insert a “dumb” note off with LShift + CapsLock or LShift + A.

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