We Ain't No Friends, Mate

hiya fellas,

thought i’d drop a sndcld link to my unobtrusive tech-tune released last weekend at evoke.
don’t click if you don’t like the unz ;)



Grooving on that vibe, sonically a bit similar to thumbworker (which I still consider a BANGIN track)

Now, where is the extended version?

I like the unz. ;)

that’s really, i mean really well observed.
actually there is a thumbworker directory on my HD, which essentially contains the following files:

it was just a couple of days before evoke when i decided to rename thumbworker_b1 (this tune), to the title it has now. :)
all three tracks were written like 6 or 7 years ago, almost at the same point of time (within 1-2 weeks), partially sharing the same samples and VSTi.
the bassline synth, for example, is the same in all three tracks, hence the sonic affinity, i guess.
really impressive hearing and memory there, danoise !

glad to hear =)

Haha, bulls eye? Well, of course I had to give thumbworker a listen and I have to tell you that this one’s pretty different.
This production sound a lot “deeper”, I can definitely hear more details when the volume is cranked up.

As for the hearing+memory, it helps a lot to have made half a dozen Keith303 remixes :slight_smile: