We Are The Normal Ones

title: we are the normal ones
author: me
composed: 11/11/05 5:30pm - 12:30am + 12/11/05 10:00am - 11:37am
style: highschool
turn it up: yes

Yohh;;; Anyone like or hate this one?

u were drunken right? :rolleyes: (must’ve been :P )
but i like the ending; where it comes to a little atmo or something

just got it, but don’t get it :huh:

Ever heard of major corporations exploiting teen insecurities replacing their identity with consumerist idiotics and unnecessary social close-mindedness? These kids are being turning into corporate drones, and they walk right into the trap. How couldn’t they with such temping bait as Hillary Duff or MTV?

This is me getting angry and writting a song really quick. And no, I don’t drink alcohol. I wanted to expose the adult malice and greed behind the words this girl was saying. I wanted to point out that what she’s saying ins’t to be taken seriously: that if you’re weird and don’t fit in you should be trying to push the limmits of that, instead of being ‘one of the normal ones’. Blind conformity wrecks evolution.

I found it also disturbing that she saw power as a drug to be abused. All the way: unquestioning the honour of The President of USA, or the fake honour with any station of power. Again, this is a narrow view.

This audio is the kind of stuff that is distributed through fast food chains, where little gobblers eat their factory food and pop the happy cd on to get brainwashed some more…

Would have been much more melodic, but I wanted to write something quickly for a change. Anyway, it’s about the words.