We Want Full Midi Assignable Gui In Renoise.

I own Novation Remote Zero Sl & Axiom 25.
So transport still isnt with renoise.
I think its a must be feature.

p.s. and yes. midi assignable renoise gui.

what you mean?
because renoise containe midi mapping.

I mean with full midi assign feature i can assign every button and slider and knob of Renoise to my midi controller.
I mean i`ll be able assign transport buttons or any others.

+1… again

So yes!!! +1

It would totally rock if every and I mean !every! button within renoise was mapable. :dribble:

I totally agree. The more and better the MIDI support in Renoise the better.

Nevermind buttons, how about “just” enhancing the keyboard mapping dialog to allow for MIDI mapping…?

yeah, that could be a solution. i vote for that feature, even if i wouldnt probably use it. and it would be not that hard to implement… (imho)

and midimapping of looppoints!

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…and read my thread about routing/cloning automation changes…

Great idea, I would love to midi map every slider, knob and button that’s on screen.

^_^ :guitar:

kinda like ableton live? that would rock!


This have been up before, and I still think it would be an excellent idea… especially since people get more and more midi knobs.

…including loop points.

…and making it all recordable to automation envelopes would rock even harder.

I have been wanting this since day one! +1

I would also like to see a record precount implemented as well.

would be great