Wedding Ep

This project began as a collection of the music used when I got married in April of 2012, tracks 2, 4, and 8 were used during the wedding and reception. Track 5 was composed with most of the programming done on the balcony of the hotel room one morning on honeymoon (before the wife woke up,) and the remaining tracks are reworkings of previous material which were originally intended for a different project.

Sounds range from an orchestra imitation, some electronic instrumental pop ballads, and a chiptune epic. Everything except the intro track was made in Renoise.

Download the whole thing as a ZIP:
Or visit its permalink page:

it a nice idea to have a self-made soundtrack for all the wedding days.

the music is not entirely my cup of tea, but I really appreciate the idea of the project as a whole, and it is a great demonstration of love


I know I make music that’s a atypical for the forum, furthermore, about half the music was chosen to … erm… not upset the tastes of family members. ;)

I once posted a Bach tune on YouTube and got a troll comment, “Is this the kind of music that Renoise was made for?” Like the trackers before it, Renoise can be used to make anything! (though I didn’t give that troll the pleasure of a reply.)

This sounds very cool, can’t wait what you will write when you get a divorce! (Ofcourse i do hope for you that period never comes, but usually, the first two years of marriage are the best of it so enjoy it!)

I think the divorce album would sound too much like

Thanks, of course ;)