Weekly Renoise Playlist

So I have this idea to start a weekly Renoise playlist. Maybe every Thursday I’ll take the weeks sum of downloadable tracks from the forum. Just in time to have something to rock out to over the weekend. People can PM me download links to their tracks if they want me to post their stuff. It would be a cool thread to have pinned if it takes off.

The reason I want to do this is that I think it’d be nice to be able to download multiple tracks from a single source then to have to visit a multitude of seedy and poorly designed hosting sites to see what new music renoisers are making.

Ja Know?

Of course I realize that this would mean having to sift through even more hosting sites. But I am willing to do this all for YOU! Yes YOU my fellow trackers. I may even do a little commentary on the weeks tracks. I’ll probably even throw in a little of my own work as well.

Whadaya say?

I think that’s great! can you add this track too it if its good enough?
thank you very much

Great initiative! Great idea!

And if you add a site and a searchable xrns-archive and… ok… maybe I’m pushing it too far here. ;)

I doubt any of my songs will make the list.

Believe me. I thought about it. I have the web space and a good domain name for it. I just don’t have the programming skills.

I’d say don’t worry about making the cut. I’ll probably go with the 12 best songs of the week. So pretty much whoever wants to be on it. One track per person though.