Weird behaviour of effects with one VSTi on several tracks

When I load a drum kit VSTi, so for example there’s bassdrum on C, snare at D, hihat on E etc. and I spread this instrument along the tracks, so for example I have bassdrum & snare on Track 1, and hihats on Track 2, and then I apply some effect to Track 2 (EQ, reverb, filter or anything), it weirdly gets applied to sounds on Track 1 too (but only when actual sound is parallely triggered on Track 2). Tracks’ oscilloscopes behave weirdly too. Similar thing happens when I load multi-instrument VSTi and spawn aliases of it on different MIDI channels. Is it a bug, or misconfiguration, or Renoise design fault? What can I do about it except inefficiently loading full clones of a VSTi for every track?

Technically there’s nothing preventing a single multichannel plugin from playing in multiple tracks at the same time.

You don’t necessarily have load up a multitimbral plugin to get this functionality (drum machines often are multichannel but not multitimbral).

Which plugin(s) are we talking about, and how have you set up the audio routing (in the plugin tab)?

Ok I guess I was missing to route the audio outputs/buses to separate tracks. I did assign the midi channels but left Audio Routing with only Bus #01 1-2/2 ticked to Current Track and all the instruments in the plugin were set to Output 1 & 2. Now I put every instrument in the plugin to different Output and in Renoise tick the corresponding buses to different tracks and it seems to be working correctly. Aliases do at least, because I still don’t know if it’s possible to use a single instrument on several tracks with separate DSPs on every track, I guess that DSPs are applied to a bus so if a whole instrument sits on one bus then it’s not possible to apply DSPs separately on per-track basis (unless plugin would allow to create keyzones and assign them to separate outputs)?

danoise does above hold water? Because I’m not sure if this is correct setup, I read that these are outputs of my soundcard and I’m not sure why I should route through them if I just want to output to main stereo speakers.

It’s East West Play btw.

I just tried to automate a filter of VSTi’s alias, but it affected the main instance of that VSTi instead?