Weird Touchpad Scroll Action

OK not sure if this is a change in operation as haven’t really done much music on my computer since 1.9 and this is a new laptop so first time I’ve ever fired Renosie up on it (or any laptop for that matter) or if it’s a bug. Well fairly sure it’s a bug to be honest but as it seems like it could almost be utilised, especially in a live situation, thought I’d post here rather than either bug reports or beginner’s questions.

Basically what happens is when I use the scroll section on the touchpad the relevant section starts scrolling (pattern or sequence for example) and doesn’t stop unit I click the scroll pad again. Is this how it works with all scroll bits on touchpads? If so has it always been like that? Or does it now do it with mouse scroll wheels as well?

How this can be utilised, although a little messy at the moment. In enabled you to do a live (rewind is wrong word) reverse play, moving back towards a drop or such at a speed determined by how fast you start scrolling. Hard to get perfect and if the scroll speed was always a multiple of tempo when playing it may make it neater. Also allow you to double time you beats live by scrolling forwards briefly.

It could also be for beat variation by scrolling backwards and forwards through the patterns. For this would be nice if it operated slower than it currently does and if loop points for the scrolling could be set so you could go through certain beats. Obviously you may want to get to as slow as scrolling every bar or so which takes it completely away from normal operation.

I did have a thought this may be related to the new “Live Mode” that has been introduced since I last really used Renoise so thought I would do a search to check if turning it on/off made any difference. Absolutely zero results from either the Wiki or In:Depth pages!…+mode&go=Go

Then I think I remembered Live Mode just being the pattern selection being disengaged from the playing patter when follow cursor is switched off, which would stop you being able to do the second half of what I mentioned above.

Anyway I have waffled far more than enough just for now. Feel free to move this if you feel it’s more a bug report or suggestion but it seems to fall somewhere between but that may just be because it’s a beginner’s question ;)

Doh! You can disregard this. Just found the touchpad has something called Scroll Coasting which does exactly this. Hadn’t noticed it yet but the laptop is new so forgive me.

Has given me a couple of simple ideas that could work will in a live situation. I will try and post them up succinct and clear sometime soon…