Well... That't My Work.

Well, i just to love Fast Traker 2, and now i move my passion to Renoise.
I add here links to a few of my songs, VST+Samples. None of them are 100% finished but, i’m not a pro musician just a DJ that use Renoise for remix and add extra bass lines or drums to my fauvorite songs, so i don’t know how to give them a nice production and final touch. But i love play with Renoise.

Inquisition Theme :: Down Tempo

Energy Tear :: ?

Main Outlet :: ?

Transiversa Trance?

No-Name :: No idea but i like it =)

Beat Conductor :: Trance-Techno?

Trance 1 :: Trance?


what level? :blink:

Hey man im lisening to Inquisition Theme on headphones and i just wanted to say i love that song.
very relaxing with a great soundscape. very good stuff, not too complex.

Thanks so much mate, i will try to finish that song ASAP.

Hehe i have chicken skin right now lol thanks =)

Inquisition Theme gets a bit repetitive–if it had a key change I’d like it.

Energy Tear reminds me, for some reason, of Wizball. I enjoy the retro aspects of it.

Main Outlet has a good lick, but I’m sort-of waiting for it to go further–it reminds me more of an intro to a song, or a song that will have vocals in the future.

Transiversa again has a retro feel, and usually I can’t stand the whole dance-rhythm, but something you’ve done to the drums makes it different. It’s very good.

No-name I just like–it’s a bit repetitive, but I still like it.

Beat Conductor I have no right to make any judgments on–many people like that style but I’m not one of them.

Trance 1 reminds me of Jarre.

The thing all of these songs suffer is the feeling as if they’re not complete, and in some cases as if they’re intros to larger songs.

Keep up the good work.